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Woman's Armorial, 3 Chevrons, Benart de Themericourt


Benart of T(h)éméricourt; Lombardic

At top and bottom the extensions from the central field divide the text frame into two sections.

Matrix face 

round | 14th century | French; Name French | copper alloy | engraved

Seal view

Circular face with scrolling foliate stem or spray rising to each side of arms of Théméricourt consisting of 3 chevrons with mullet cadence mark (6-pointed star) in upper right corner. The three chevrons are embellished with cross-hatching.
The heater-shaped shield, inclined toward the Rt., is surmounted by a crested tilting helm seen in three-quarter view and showing a frontal female head. The head has long hair descending along both sides of neck and a cap-like hat with a feathered plume, which extends to the left above a foliate motif resembling an ivy leaf.
To the right of the plume appear a tilted crescent (moon?) and 4-pointed star (sun?). A branching scrolling acanthus-like stem rises to either side of the helm and head, with three scrolls ending in rounded clusters perhaps of berries. The number of lobes in the clusters appears to vary.
Sun and moon can be attributes of the Virgin Mary.
Village of Théméricourt in French Vixen region was important manor in medieval times.
Mullet cadence indicates 3d son, not identified.
3 chevrons are still used on the arms of Théméricourt today.
A "Benart de Téméricourt, escuier," is attested.


Back or Side  view

pyramid, ring(s) multifoil; 6 side pyr., almost to edge elaborate 3 ring base quatrefoil pierced loop wth simple loop above * marks top

height : 3.38 cm
width :
diagonal : 2.31 cm
length :
blank : 0.34 cm
other :
weight : 24.43 grams



Fd. West Yorkshire 2011.
"The town of T(h)emericourt survives to this day, in the Department of the Val-d'Oise.
Now correctly identified as Bernart de Temericourt, this heraldic owner might be identifiable with the very squire (escuier) mentioned in a document of 1383 and/or the owner of the priory of the royal abbey of St. Lucien de Beauvais at the end of the 13th century".







Heraldic ; Woman's ; Helmet ; Shield ; Abstract and Foliate ; Head ; Star ; Suns and Moons ; Armorial


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