This is a private personal collection of medieval seal matrices whose pictures and available data are being presented to the public for use in educational and research projects; and to stimulate those with related medieval interests in art, history, religion and life styles, to consider using these very personal possessions of the common people of the medieval times. They were essential possessions of immense numbers of the lower classes as signatures and means of personal identification in a world where documents were becoming increasingly important but where illiteracy prevailed.


It is organized to allow you, the viewer, to see pictures of all aspects of the matrices on display as well as view, if you wish, the available technical data. Click the images on an item's data page to see a high resolution version of the image. These image files are large and may load slowly depending on your internet connection and system settings.

The collection is initially divided by 3 major categories as listed in the Category sidebar. Some matrices appear in more than one category.

Name: includes all Matrices where a name appears in the text

Office: Responsibility/Position contains all matrices where text or interpretation of the iconography applies

Ethos: Value/ Belief includes all matrices where text and device cannot be assigned to either of the above, but represent the words and iconology which the owner felt best represented them.

The web site can be searched easily in a variety of ways; see sidebar search options or click on Catalogues in the menu bar.